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Why my country is not listed on the form?

The reasons why your country is not listed are:

  • Executive rights to our partners
  • Administrative purposes for countries expecting a large turnout
    • For example, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.
  • Visa Restrictions
  • Sanctions imposed by the Republic of Singapore and the United Nations Security Council
    • Please note that Singapore does not enforce unilateral sanctions imposed by other countries.


If you are interested in joining but your country is not listed, there are exceptions:

  • Your organization’s hierarchy is higher than the designated partner, and you do not want to be subordinate to them
    • For example, if you belong to a Ministry, say the Ministry of Defence, and want to exhibit under your Ministry (with permission) because the designated partner is a non-governmental organization. If this is the case, please contact us directly.
  • If your organization is contemplating sending a delegation, we recommend that you register as a partner with us. Please contact us.
    • Please note that not all our partners sign exclusive agreements with us.
  • Your organization is not representing Morocco, Thailand, and Chinese Taipei.


The National Research of Thailand has the legal right to promote innovation for the Kingdom of Thailand. If you are interested in participating and representing Thailand, please get in touch with them.

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