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Guidelines for Banner

Unlike posters, the banners will be published on the official online directory, which is accessible by the Public that registered. DO NOT disclose images that you do not wish to reveal.


  • All participants can submit up to 5 banners from each invention.
  • The banners are for the online directory. The jury won’t look at that.
  • The banners should be in landscape orientation. Portrait orientation will not be accepted.
  • Allowable formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG
  • Minimum size for JPG, JPEG, and PNG: 1,280 px by 960 px, 72 dpi

Banner Guide


  • Other than prohibited material, there are no restrictions on the images you can use as banners.
  • In addition to showcasing your invention, you can display your awards, school, teacher, or team.
  • What matters most is to attract the attention of potential investors and collaborators.

Uploading Your Banner

  • For Individual Participation
    • If your banners are more than 3MB, please upload them to the cloud. You can create a free account on pCloud, WeTransfer, or any similar cloud service, and upload your banners.
    • Email the banners to contact@worldinvent.com along with the title of your invention no later than 31st May 2024.
  • For Affiliated Participation
    • Please submit your banners to your Affiliated Organization.
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