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Section 3.2: Invention’s Details

Invention Category

Overall Summary of Invention

  • Let us know what problem you are trying to solve and how you are solving it in the Overall Summary of Invention.
    • This will be used for publishing in the official exhibition directory and preliminary judging.
    • If this summary and poster presentation do not tally, this summary will be used for judging.
    • Max 1000 characters.

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

  • Select Yes/No for the question: Does your invention contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)?


  • Select Yes/No for the question: Are you a startup?
    • If the answer is yes, your entry will be considered as an Open category.

Intellectual Property

  • Select Yes/No for the question: Is your invention protected under intellectual property?
    • If the answer is no, please proceed to the next question.
    • If the answer is yes, select Type of Intellectual Property.
      • Fill in your Filing Number (optional) and Filing Country/Region (optional).
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