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Section 3.1: Certificate Details

The Title of the Invention and all names in Name(s) on the Certificate must comply with the APA Style (https://worldinvent.com/publication-style/). Points will be awarded on the first submission.

Title of the Invention

  • The maximum length of the Title of the Invention is 150 characters.
  • Non-conforming titles will be modified by the WorldInventTM organizer. Lengthy titles will have their title cut off at the 150th character onwards.

Name(s) on the Certificate

  • The maximum length of the Name(s) on the Certificate is 250 characters.
  • Maximum 5 inventors per team. The names will be tallied with Inventor’s Details (Section 4).
  • Additional names will be removed without notice.


  • WorldInventTM will print accordingly and will not be liable for your typographical errors.
  • A correction fee of US$50 per certificate will be charged after the application closes.
  • Please review before submitting to avoid a dispute.

Why Is There a Charge for Certificate Correction

More than 90% that requested a certificate correction are related to names. If you can’t even spell your name correctly, how much credibility is there in your invention? Moreover, this certificate is accredited by the European Academy of Science. Such typo errors are intolerable by academia’s standards. The charges act as a reminder and deterrence.

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