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Section 1: Participation

Country of Origin*

  • Select your country/Region in Country of Origin.
    • If you are unable to find your country, please go to https://worldinvent.com/partners/ and contact one of our partners.
    • If you are a representative of your government, trade mission, or official agency who wants to head a delegation to WorldInventTM Singapore, please get in touch with us.

Age Category*

  • Select the Age Category or Entry Level.
    • Choose between Youth (20 & below) or Open.
    • The marking matrix will differ between the Youth and Open categories.
    • If you are a startup, please select Open.
    • The definition of youth is 20 years old or less (before the year ends) and non-tertiary.
    • The team’s education level is determined based on the highest level of educational attainment. For example, a team with four high school students and one undergrad from the university will be labeled as tertiary and must compete in the Open category.

Type of Participation*

  • Then select the Type of Participation.
    • If your team is participating alone, select Individual Participation and proceed to the next page.
    • If your team is part of a larger group, select Affiliated Participation and

Affiliate Delegation

  • Key in your Affiliate Delegation.
    • For example, IDEA, NRCT, etc.
    • If it is left blank, the organizer will treat it as Individual Participation.
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