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Guidelines for Poster


  • All participants are required to submit a 90cm W x 120cm H or A0 size poster.
  • Only ONE poster from each invention. The jury won’t look further than that.
  • The poster should be in portrait orientation. Landscape orientation will not be accepted.
  • Allowable formats: PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG
  • Size for JPG, JPEG, and PNG: 2,551 px by 3,402 px, 72 dpi

Poster Guide


  • Remember to put the essentials on the poster: the problem you are trying to solve (if any), your solution, your name, and your contact.
  • Be colorful and creative. A minimalist design always attracts more attention than a crowded one.
  • Citations are not needed. This is not a science fair.

Naming Your Poster

  • Keep the file name short.

Uploading Your Poster

  • For Individual Participation
    • If your poster is more than 3MB, please upload it to the cloud. You can create a free account on pCloud, WeTransfer, or any similar cloud service, and upload your poster.
    • Email the poster to contact@worldinvent.com along with the title of your invention no later than 31st May 2024.
  • For Affiliated Participation
    • Please submit your video to your Affiliated Organization.
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