HealthTech & SilverTech

HealthTech or MedicalTech is any technology, including medical devices, IT systems, algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud, and blockchain, designed to support healthcare organizations. Whereas SilverTech refers to technologies used to serve seniors.

Examples of HealthTech & SilverTech

but not restricted to...

  • Enabling telemedicine
  • Entertainment for elderly
  • Improving transportation and mobility for elderly
  • Integrating Data and Predictive Analysis
  • Remote Patient Monitoring & Virtual Care
  • Wearables in Healthcare
  • Virtual services oriented toward elderly

Singapore at a Glance


of the world’s microarrays and one-third of the world’s thermal cyclers and mass spectrometers are manufactured in Singapore.


regional headquarters from the world’s leading HealthTech firms are based in Singapore.